Mini-update On My Birthday

I’ve had a bit of breathing room, and I am trying to squeeze a bunch of planning even though I have a chance so I’m back with another small updated to keep things interesting.

My question regarding the birthday guest list is as follows: my sister wants to throw to me a party in my parents house (she still lives at home) and it will be the only party that I will have.

All the potential invitees are invited to the party. I have eight people in the category of “family” and thirteen in the category of “friends”, all of them are definitely people I would like to invite.

Then I have two separate work groups (five and eight each, so a total of thirteen) I am on the fence about since it is at my parent’s house and I don’t want to turn it into a house party. Also my sister wants to invite a couple of her friends so that will be extra. Fortunately most of them know one another, they liked and enjoyed the company so it is not a matter of bound to invite people I do not like feeling. The money is not really an issue since it would be at my parents and my father is cooking (he is a great cook). I suppose my dilemma is that I am not sure if it should include these people mostly because they are my close friends, more like the people I have worked with and really like. I think mainly because they are older people so that it would not hang out with outside of work apart from function work where as people “friends” in my peers (age-wise) and I have spent time with them separately and more regular work keep in touch with them. Also I don’t want to come across as grubbing gift. If you were in my position, would invite people to work?