This Is The Last Time, She Said

My excuse for the last few days (I have none before that) is that I’ve been quite sick with a fever.

  • I have a cold. 🙁 It’s pretty minor as these things go but it still sucks balls.
  • I have hot water back! And they managed to fix the water pressure– which I didn’t know was a thing I could do! I just thought that was the way the hot water was! But no! It has pressure equivalent to the cold water! Amazing. (Something got messed up with the hot water when I turned it off when I left in June. I only tried to use hot water in the past few days, so this wasn’t much of a hardship.)
  • I always said I’d get a new phone because the iPhone I have now has always sucked, but lately I started to think maybe it wouldn’t be worth getting a new one in China, I’d just make do. Weeeell, now this phone is getting hard to charge, like you have to jiggle the cord just right and it’s really hard to do, so I might have to get a new one anyway. Android recommendations?

I am telling you all this tale of woe, mes chers compatriotes (oh no, I’m adorable, I babbled in French. I do that when I’m sick too, here we go), because I may be checking decisions on twitter for the next few days. (A hint: the answer is almost always “no”. If the question is “Should I eat this?” the answer is always “no.”)

Now I’m going to watch TV hooray, and then take Nyquil and go to sleep.

Don’t Get Me Started

I worked for eight days straight and it was the worst thing ever because I had a cold for most of it. Also, 8 days straight. I finally had my energy back yesterday, the last day, and wow, it made such a difference. I get so cranky when I’m tired!

Today I finally got to spend most of the day in bed– I didn’t really need to, but better to be safe than sorry, because I’m moving. I’m kind of like o_O and entering homestretch packing mode but I’ve even made myself a lunch, so I think I’ll be ok. I’m mostly going to eat French food, tbh. Somewhere in town there must be a bakery that does decent macarons. I am going to find it, and I am going to eat them.

Even though my new place already has internet, I doubt I’ll be around much. See all y’all in four days!

Not Well Today

I wasn’t very well today and spent a lot of it lying about not doing much. And I’ve come to the conclusion tv has lost of of the appeal that it once had and that I’m not sure it will ever give me the entertaining trainwreck that would be actual Sam/Ainsley, and, after all the random encounters every six episodes or so, I want the trainwreck. So I wrote this. Half my brain wasn’t working and I know pretty much nothing about Democrats and Republicans, so I made it mostly about muffins. Not that I know much about muffins, either. I’ll write everything I was supposed to be writing and catch up properly when I have a brain again. It may comfort people to know that enforced inactivity also got me to work out an awkward UNIT-related plot point.

Or not.