Two Seconds To Rub Together

So. The thing about not having two seconds to rub together since November is that I literally haven’t watched TV since then. Until last weekend. Which, in a way, was good. I had *ahem* acquired all the episodes of a summer show I was interested in and watched all but the season finale (ends on a cliff-hanger and haven’t decided whether or not I want to watch it now or wait until the start of next season to watch). Then a few other shows. And so forth.

I’m not just watching tv though I love to read, write and yeah I do watch copious amounts of tv series/films. But I’m a huge music person and my life pretty much revolves around it.

Not Well Today

I wasn’t very well today and spent a lot of it lying about not doing much. And I’ve come to the conclusion tv has lost of of the appeal that it once had and that I’m not sure it will ever give me the entertaining trainwreck that would be actual Sam/Ainsley, and, after all the random encounters every six episodes or so, I want the trainwreck. So I wrote this. Half my brain wasn’t working and I know pretty much nothing about Democrats and Republicans, so I made it mostly about muffins. Not that I know much about muffins, either. I’ll write everything I was supposed to be writing and catch up properly when I have a brain again. It may comfort people to know that enforced inactivity also got me to work out an awkward UNIT-related plot point.

Or not.